10 Design Concepts http://www.creativebloq.com/web-design/10-design-concepts-web-developers-need-know-11135255

  1. Design isn’t just visual
    • the “how” and “why” ppl want to use sites
  2. Be user-centric
    • Designers use personas, storytelling and more to indicate who the site users are and what they want to be doing on the site
  3. Design is detail
    • know when to focus on details vs big picture
  4. When designing, sketch often
    • 1 new idea every 30 seconds
    • content, hierarchy, flow
  5. Use white space
    • give the user a break
    • For vertical space, just use fractions of the body font size. I tend to keep things simple and use a scale of .25
  6. Grids aren’t just CSS frameworks
    • Create relationships between objects
    • Provide a base system for visual alignment
    • Help create a horizontal and vertical rhythm
    • Help create optical balance
  7. When everything has emphasis, nothing does
    • clear hierarchy provides flow
  8. Keep and inspiration folder
    • reference point and constant evaluation
  9. Design is all about problem solving
    • work backwards
  10. Know how to talk about and critique design
    • have evidence based on the users, site flow, design goals and visual principles to support the problems that you see with the design